How Did We Beat The “King Of Sales Funnels” In Real Conversions?

🚀🚀 How did we beat the “king of sales funnels” in real conversions and became the top agency in Funnel Games?  🚀🚀

The competitive arena of online sales is full of shiny objects, and bold, many times unverified claims that make the industry increasingly hard to navigate. The average business owner has to burn through a pile of cash until they find a formula or service provider that can deliver true results.

Luckily there are some cornerstones to the industry you can always trust, like ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson, who never fails to innovate and attract the interest of knowledge hungry minds.

The Challenge That Defied Industry Norms

Just a few weeks ago a showdown took place that left industry insiders buzzing.

ClickFunnels set the stage with the Funnel Games Competition.

The mission?

Simple yet daunting – outperform Russell’s highest-grossing funnel in opt-in conversions within a mere 24 hours measured from real traffic.

More than 80 contestants (individuals and agencies) rose to the challenge to defy the odds and accomplish the impossible.  After all, what are the chances of beating the “king of sales funnels” in just a short 24 hours?

Competing amongst other agencies were our mentors, Agency Coach founders Mike Schmidt and AJ Rivera who invited us to be a part of their team.

Mike and AJ, are recognized for multiple 2 Comma Club Awards and their roles as Funnel Hacking Live speakers. As the architects behind the “funnel hub” concept, they not only revolutionized how websites are built but also forged a partnership with Russell Brunson, who now champions their framework as the foundation of all online businesses.

How Being A “Good Student” Got Us The Opportunity To Compete Against The Industry Best

We have worked with more than 100 clients in Hungary, but looking to the future, we wanted to gain a foothold internationally, so in 2022, we started intensive development and networking abroad.

We’ve invested heavily into becoming the best at building sales funnels, so we could stand the competition with other agencies in the funnel space.

We figured that we need to help people have an easier start in the funnel world because not everybody can pay tens of thousands of dollars to educate themselves and find the right funnels to model. The idea was that we could be the central navigation point to the sales funnel industry, so we created our funnel “wikipedia” site called Funnel Expert. 

We’ve built the largest online database of sales funnels where we collected all the funnels of people who have made millions of dollars, so anybody can look them up and even a newbie to the industry can easily find the right strategies to be modelled.

We were so excited that we shared our work with Mike and AJ during our coaching calls and showed them what we were doing inside our agency. This got us the opportunity to team up with them and prove the world what we are made of.

The Moonshot To Beat The Odds

Funnel Games finally kicked off, and it turned out that the focus of the challenge was to outperform Russell Brunson’s highest-grossing Magnetic Marketing funnel.

He’s the greatest of all the online marketers, and we only had 24 hours to come up with an improved version. This funnel was already selling $300 dollars worth of products on average for whoever signed up, so the bar was set super high.

Lucky enough, I spent a thousand dollars by myself in this funnel the previous year. It was a time to put into practice what I’ve learned from him and see if we got what it takes to beat Russell in the competition.

We got down to planning with Mike and AJ and created the strategy together. From then on they did most of the copy work, and then I had twelve hours to do something about the design to make it even more conversion-optimized and add my own ideas to it.

After not having much sleep I got down to planning and building and I got my team involved to look up Russell’s original and see what could be improved. 

Once we’ve first submitted our entry we were given 24 more hours to optimize the funnel and found out that we’ve got selected into the top ten.  At that time the competition continued by driving real paid traffic to these funnels and it was time to see how we fare up in real conversions against the control of Russell Brunson’s own funnel. 

Our unique approach was to simplify things, clarify the user journey, and use key visuals to be really clear about what people could be getting and what they have to do. We’ve leveraged existing brand assets to build trust, and used the central character as the focal point of the funnel to build personal connection. There was a great story behind the whole offer, and we wanted to spark curiosity by hinting parts of the story right at the beginning of the funnel so people would be hooked to learn more.

We used what we’ve learned about user experience design, prioritizing information, highlighting key sentences, and bringing in social proof with all the reviews from entrepreneurs and high flyers so everybody can find a relatable testimonial they could resonate with.

Our own funnel database came really handy too as we used it to look up relevant funnels really fast, ones similar to what we were working from and bring in a bunch of new ideas. We’ve also leverage the funnel-hacking tool I built to dissect the reading and visual experience of the funnel, comment on the control’s potential conversion leaks and try to fix those when creating our unique funnel.

The Broken Sales Video: Game Over Before The Race Has Even Started? 

Unfortunately, there were some technical issues that hurt us badly. The funnel had a video sales letter as its linchpin,  and we decided to making edits to it, but the seemingly harmless decision to host our edited video on YouTube resulted in the audio not playing. Here we were, with a setback so big, that it seemingly made our chances evaporate before our funnel saw the light of the day.

Funny enough, we made it to the top ten, then the top four and even to the top two with our broken sales video, with a funnel that we had only 24 hours to build, and still a lot of optimization potential undeployed. I would say this was only a 50-60% optimized funnel yet and still made it to the top two.

When I heard that in the last 24 hours of competing for first place against an individual funnel builder (there were two categories, agency and individual, but one overall winner) we would have the chance to submit an improved funnel I put my heart and soul into it sleep-deprived and cranked out the last bits of optimization potential in this short time frame, and fixed that video. 

When the final hour came, I submitted the funnel to replace the existing one, hoping that we could become the overall winner. It was a really tight race between our broken funnel and the best converting one already, and we’ve nearly doubled the conversion of Russell Brunson’s at this point. 

I was thinking that the broken video without audio had a huge negative effect on conversions and I made some really great tweaks so I was excited to see how the new version will perform in the end. In an unfortunate turn of events, I was just so tired that when the final hour came, that I didn’t realize the technical issues with the shared link to our updated funnel in time, so the old version was still the one that our results were measured by. 

Triumph Against the Odds: the Funnel Hub Formula And A Secret Weapon

It was then up to the conversion gods who was going to win, and we came second but we were in a very tight rice still with the funnel with the broken video, without the submitted optimizations, but became the top agency in the first Funnel Games and got a great amount of attention. They had us interviewed about our approach, so we are really happy with the results.

Our team attributes our success to the funnel hub formula, Mike & AJ’s invention, with simplicity, relatable client testimonials,  a clearly laid out user journey and an attractive character in the centre as its core principles.  The results have proved us right: there’s an increasing demand for simplification in the age of information overload.

Another significant contributing factor to the team’s winning entry was our Funnelhacker Tools. This innovative toolset allows anybody to reverse-engineer any sales funnel within minutes, leveraging AI and has allowed us to find the remaining improvement potential in Russell’s funnel and squeez out the last bit of conversion juice from it.

We knew that we could have done better with our new submission, but it’s already a great acknowledgement of what we were able to achieve from where we have started and just gives us great confidence in the quality of work we are able to deliver. 

The best is yet to come… 😉

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